Information only, not a Realtor website yet. One day this website will list every Realtor in Canada, and the public can leave reviews.

One of the reasons we built this website was to encourage more Chinese people to live in the North Shore. Many Chinese default to places like Richmond BC when they first move to Canada. They do this because many people speak Chinese, there are grocery stores that sell food products from home, and there are plenty of restaurants.

As Chinese people get more comfortable with living in Vancouver, they might move to Burnaby BC. It is less Chinese, and farther from the airport, but with still a strong Chinese community.

In time, people who live in Vancouver learn that the North Shore is the most beautiful place in the world. And places like North Vancouver are only around 15 minutes away from Burnaby.

Soon we hope to add pictures and videos of North Vancouver and West Vancouver to this website. Before deciding to buy a house in the North Shore, it makes sense to get to know North Vancouver.

What People Say

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