Affordable BC Getaway: Cabin with Creek Listed for $160K

There is a two-bedroom cabin for sale with 5.34 acres of land. It’s about a 2-hour drive from Prince George BC to the property. But for those willing to live far away from the comforts of a large city (Costco/Whole Foods), then this $160,000 property might be for you. The property is located at 32392Continue reading “Affordable BC Getaway: Cabin with Creek Listed for $160K”

Vancouver home prices are down 9.2%

According to recently released data from the Vancouver real estate board, home prices in the area have experienced a significant decline of 9.2% compared to last year. However, this trend seems to have reversed, with prices increasing by 4.9% in the past month. This indicates that Vancouver home prices are now following a steady upwardContinue reading “Vancouver home prices are down 9.2%”