Richmond BC’s Best Realtors: Expert Tips

Are you looking for Richmond BC’s best Realtors? The real estate scene in Richmond is bustling, with agents providing insights that could make or break a deal. Among them, Jova Xu from Jovi Realty stands out. Not only for her years of expertise but for the innovative methods she brings to the table. Jova’s strengthContinue reading “Richmond BC’s Best Realtors: Expert Tips”

These are the cities in BC with the cheapest homes

Are you looking for the cities in BC with the cheapest homes? Many Canadians want to move to BC for the beautiful nature and nice weather, but they have to grapple with the affordability of homes in major urban centers where the rich people hang out, such as Vancouver and Victoria. But the appeal ofContinue reading “These are the cities in BC with the cheapest homes”

West Vancouver Realtors: Success Stories

Are you looking for West Vancouver Realtors? It’s important to find the right one to turn your dream into reality. In the heart of West Vancouver, Sarah Mitchell started with a dream. A rookie in the 90s, she’s now a property mogul. Rising above challenges, her journey exemplifies grit. She recalls her first sale, aContinue reading “West Vancouver Realtors: Success Stories”

How Bail Affects Property Owners in Canada

Are you wondering how bail affects property owners in Canada? Bail, a tool within the Canadian judicial system, offers an individual the opportunity to remain free while awaiting trial. But how does this relate to property owners? At its core, bail can directly influence the fate of one’s assets. Picture this: John, a homeowner, getsContinue reading “How Bail Affects Property Owners in Canada”

Prince George’s Air Quality Crisis Will Drop House Prices

Prince George’s air quality has been bad lately. As the summer temperatures continue to soar in Prince George, the air has been cloaked not with the refreshing coolness of morning fog, but with dense and dangerous wildfire smoke. The air has transformed from an entity that sustains life to one that poses a severe riskContinue reading “Prince George’s Air Quality Crisis Will Drop House Prices”

Richmond BC Real Estate: Buckle Up for a Bullish Ride

Richmond BC real estate stands as a compelling testament to sustained growth and robust economic vitality. It’s noted for its unique cultural identity, tasty Chinese restaurants and stores, and Westcoast coastal charm. Richmond is also a potent force in the property market.  Over the last decade, there has been a massive ascending trend in propertyContinue reading “Richmond BC Real Estate: Buckle Up for a Bullish Ride”


BC省的租赁法律主要集中在《住宅租赁法》(RTA)中。这是保护租客和房东权益的法律,规定了双方的义务和责任。 RTA明确指出,租赁协议必须是书面的,包括重要条款如租金,租赁期限和租客应遵守的规则。它规定了房东不能随意提高租金。除非得到租客的同意,或者经过一年后,房东才能调整租金。并且,调整幅度必须符合省政府的指引。 在租赁期间,房东有义务保持房屋在良好的维护状态,这包括保修和维护设备、设施和房屋的结构。而租客则有义务合理使用房屋,不得损坏房屋。 BC省租赁法律的全面概述 如果您正在寻找可靠的温哥华房地产经纪人,我们强烈建议您联系Jova Xu。如果您在加拿大,可以拨打或发短信7786808530联系Jova。您也可以通过微信与她联系,她的微信用户名是:jova_realtor RTA规定,房东不能无故进入租赁的房屋。除非是紧急情况,或者提前一天通知租客,房东才能进入。如果房东违反这一规定,租客可以通过省级的住房出租仲裁机构提出申诉。 在租赁结束时,房东必须退还押金,除非有租客欠租或者对房屋造成损害的情况。如果房东和租客之间有关于退款的争议,也可以向仲裁机构提出。 总的来说,BC省的租赁法律是平衡房东和租客权益的重要工具。它明确规定了双方的责任,同时提供了解决争议的途径。无论是房东还是租客,都应了解并遵守这些法律。

Bowen Island and Whistler house prices plummet – July 2023

The new statistics from the Vancouver Real Estate board just came out. The biggest price drop of the month was Bowen Island, and the “winner” was Burnaby East. We’ve seen quite a dance in real estate prices across the region, with Bowen Island and Burnaby East leading the waltz. Bowen Island, despite a dip ofContinue reading “Bowen Island and Whistler house prices plummet – July 2023”

Kamloops’ Air Quality Will Lead To a Decline In House Prices

Kamloops’ air quality will cause a decline in house prices. Kamloops is celebrated for its scenic beauty and vibrant cultural life. However, that could all change soon with declining air quality. This problem is propelled by the escalating intensity of wildfire smoke, which poses severe health threats, disrupting the usual harmony of life in Kamloops.Continue reading “Kamloops’ Air Quality Will Lead To a Decline In House Prices”

Canadian average home prices skyrocket

The average home prices have skyrocketed in Canada. The conclusion of 2023 is expected to see a staggering increase in Canadian average home prices, ascending from $757,100 in the final quarter of 2022 to an anticipated average of $821,454.  This bold forecast was made by Royal LePage which revised its initial projection of a 4.5%Continue reading “Canadian average home prices skyrocket”