Grand Boulevard North Vancouver Guide

The Grand Boulevard is a major thoroughfare in North Van. It is a north-south route that runs through the heart of the city, connecting several residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

The longest most narrow park that I’ve ever seen. It goes on for many blocks, and the park also seems to have one of every tree that can grow and survive in BC. It’s a very unique park. It’s only 100 meters wide, and around 1.5 KM long.

Grand Boulevard is a busy, multi-lane roadway that is used by both vehicles and public transit, including buses and the SeaBus, a passenger ferry service that crosses Burrard Inlet to downtown Vancouver. Grand Boulevard is also home to a number of local landmarks, including Capilano Mall, the Lonsdale Quay Market, and the Harry Jerome Recreation Centre.

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Grand Boulevard North Vancouver

How many blocks does The Grand Boulevard go for?

It is difficult to determine the exact number of blocks that the Grand Boulevard spans, as the length of a block can vary depending on the location. However, the Grand Boulevard is a major roadway in North Vancouver, and it likely spans several miles. It is important to note that the term “block” is generally used to describe city blocks in an urban setting, and may not be applicable to a roadway such as the Grand Boulevard, which is not necessarily divided into blocks in the same way as a city street.

What is the Harry Jerome Recreation Centre?

Please note the rec center is being renovated.

The Harry Jerome Recreation Centre is a community recreation facility located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on the Grand Boulevard. It is named after Harry Jerome, a Canadian track and field athlete who won numerous medals in international competition, including a bronze medal at the 1964 Summer Olympics.

The Harry Jerome Recreation Centre offers a wide range of recreational activities and facilities, including an indoor pool, a fitness centre, a gymnasium, an indoor track, and a rock climbing wall. It also has a number of multi-purpose rooms that can be used for a variety of activities, such as dance, martial arts, and yoga. In addition, the centre has a number of outdoor sports fields and courts, including a skate park and a children’s playground. The centre is open to the public and is a popular destination for people of all ages who are looking to stay active and have fun.

Places nearby Grand Boulevard North Vancouver

  • Sutherland Secondary School (high school)
  • The British Butcher Shoppe
  • Loblaws
  • Central Lonsdale
  • Fresh Cut Flowers

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