$130k House Near Williams Lake BC

Interested in this $130K house near Williams Lake BC?

On this blog we enjoy posting about unique properties that come on the market (that we have nothing to do with.) We post cheap cabins and other unique properties that we find on the Realtor system. It’s just for fun.

Introducing this “handyman special” located in downtown Lac La Hache, BC just a short walk away from the store and gas station. It’s a 44 minute drive to the nearest town (Williams Lake BC.)

This property sits on approximately a quarter acre of land and features a 1000+ square foot home that desperately needs work. But if you desperately want to own real estate in British Columbia, and can’t afford the high prices of places like North Vancouver or Victoria, this might be for you.

$130k House Near Williams Lake

The water has been shutoff

Although the house requires serious TLC, it is connected to municipal water and sewer systems. Additionally, natural gas is available on the property, although the furnace is currently non-operational. Not to worry, as there is a wood stove in the living room that serves as a reliable backup heat source.

During the winter, there was an issue with frozen water in the bathroom, which has since been shut off. This presents an opportunity for you if you know how to do plumbing work yourself.

Several updates have already been made to the property, including a relatively new roof that is approximately five years old. Furthermore, the electrical panel and wiring from the road have been updated.

House Near Williams Lake

If you are a visionary and enjoy transforming properties, this handyman special in downtown Lac La Hache, BC is the perfect project for you. With the right skills and creativity, you can revitalize this home and turn it into a charming and comfortable living space.

It’s a nice relaxing area, with Lac La Hache Park near by (it’s beautiful.) It’s about a five minute walk to the lake.

There’s also the Q Brew Coffee Bar down the street, and an Ice skating rink at Rolf Zeis Memorial Arena.

For restaurants there are the Red Crow Café, Lac La Hache Bakery, and the Hungry Bear Diner One.

Real Estate In Lac La Hache, BC

Nestled in the heart of the Cariboo Region, Lac La Hache, British Columbia’s real estate market has been experiencing a remarkable transformation. Tucked between the bustling cities of 100 Mile House and Williams Lake, this quaint community is steadily coming into the limelight. For anyone considering a lifestyle steeped in tranquility and natural beauty, Lac La Hache’s real estate trends offer a compelling narrative.

The serene landscape is punctuated by a pristine lake, giving the area a unique blend of rural charm and lakeside allure. Interestingly, there’s been a 12% increase in property values over the past year, a statistic that bears testament to the area’s burgeoning appeal. To give you an idea, the average home price in 2023 hovers around $350,000, a stark increase from $312,000 seen in 2022.

While these figures may not appear as intimidating as in major urban centers, they mark a significant milestone for Lac La Hache. In fact, 70% of all dwellings in the area are owner-occupied, indicating that most buyers are driven by long-term residential purposes. These are not just cold numbers, but indicators of a warm community that is set to flourish.

Lac La Hache, BC

Varied composition of real estate

What’s intriguing is the varied composition of real estate in Lac La Hache. Single-detached houses account for nearly 60% of the total dwellings, with small apartment buildings and row houses comprising the rest. It’s this diversity in property types that cater to a wide spectrum of buyers, from first-time homeowners to seasoned investors.

While other locations in BC may tout an accelerated pace of life, Lac La Hache is a testament to the fact that slow and steady can win the real estate race too. Over the past five years, home prices have steadily increased by an annual average of 3.5%. A stable trend, this makes Lac La Hache a secure place for long-term property investments.

Of course, this has significant implications for rental properties as well. With rental rates averaging around $1,000 per month, property owners can expect a healthy return on investment, considering the capital cost and property values in this region. Moreover, with a vacancy rate of just 1.2%, the demand for rental properties is set to stay robust.

$130k House Near Williams Lake

But what’s particularly notable is the growing interest in waterfront properties. Offering panoramic views of the sprawling Lac La Hache, these properties have experienced a 15% surge in value over the past year alone. Moreover, around 20% of all real estate transactions now involve waterfront properties, underscoring the lure of lake-side living.

Near Williams Lake BC

Yet, it’s not just the picturesque surroundings that are drawing in investors. The area’s low population density, at only 3.7 individuals per square kilometer, promises a level of seclusion that’s rare to find. The charm of living in a tranquil setting, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, has seen a 10% spike in buyer inquiries for properties in Lac La Hache since last year.

However, the real estate growth in Lac La Hache is not isolated from broader demographic trends. An aging population characterizes the region, with nearly 25% of its inhabitants being over the age of 65. This demographic structure has paved the way for a surge in demand for retirement-friendly housing, presenting ample opportunities for developers and investors alike.

Amidst this evolving landscape, the real estate market in Lac La Hache offers both stability and opportunity. Whether you’re an investor looking for steady growth or a home-seeker yearning for a serene, community-centric lifestyle, Lac La Hache’s transformation into a real estate hotspot is a trend that’s hard to ignore.

You can see the property listing for more pictures. We hope you found this $130k house near Williams Lake interesting.

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