Richmond BC Real Estate: Buckle Up for a Bullish Ride

Richmond BC real estate stands as a compelling testament to sustained growth and robust economic vitality. It’s noted for its unique cultural identity, tasty Chinese restaurants and stores, and Westcoast coastal charm. Richmond is also a potent force in the property market.  Over the last decade, there has been a massive ascending trend in propertyContinue reading “Richmond BC Real Estate: Buckle Up for a Bullish Ride”

Opinion: Saanich BC Bylaws Need An Update

Saanich BC bylaws are outdated. If you look at your street, you will see that in Saanich BC one house follows another, maybe a townhouse, and then another house again. There’s a reason for this, and it’s called zoning. The absence of a lumber yard or a steel factory on your street highlights the transformativeContinue reading “Opinion: Saanich BC Bylaws Need An Update”

Affordable Home in Prince Rupert, Canada: $149,000

Are you looking for an affordable home in Prince Rupert? If you are willing to live away from the major cities, then for only $149k you can get a house in Prince Rupert. Not everyone can afford to live in Vancouver or Victoria BC… We enjoy writing about cheap cabins or unique properties. You canContinue reading “Affordable Home in Prince Rupert, Canada: $149,000”

Affordable $139K Micro House in Powell River, BC: Compact Living

There is a $139,000 micro house in Powell River BC for sale. It’s a 2 bedroom home in a mobile home community. There are two washrooms inside. The park basks in an enviable location, a mere stone’s throw away from the local bus stop, convenience store, and elementary school. Enveloped by local farms and aContinue reading “Affordable $139K Micro House in Powell River, BC: Compact Living”

Squamish Real Estate Market and Agents

This article will talk about the Squamish real estate market and the top agents. It will also get into bylaws and building rules in the city. We will also discuss major property projects that are going. Squamish is often called the “outdoor recreation capital of Canada.” Yet beyond the rich tapestry of mountains, forests, andContinue reading “Squamish Real Estate Market and Agents”