Affordable $139K Micro House in Powell River, BC: Compact Living

There is a $139,000 micro house in Powell River BC for sale. It’s a 2 bedroom home in a mobile home community. There are two washrooms inside.

The park basks in an enviable location, a mere stone’s throw away from the local bus stop, convenience store, and elementary school. Enveloped by local farms and a friendly neighbourhood pub, it provides a genuine sense of community.

The tranquil Powell Lake and a labyrinth of recreational trails sit within easy reach, inviting you to explore and unwind. A brief drive ushers you to the town centre, brimming with all the amenities and services one could desire.

The property is located at: 6271 MCANDREW AVE Powell River, British Columbia V8A5G8

There is the Switchback Trail which is nearby the property. It is party of the Sunshine Coast Trail – Shinglemill to Mowat Bay section.

If you are hungry or in need of a drink, your only option is the Shingle Mill Pub & Bistro.

Micro House in Powell River

Real Estate In Powell River BC

Powell River, British Columbia, hosts an appealing real estate market that charms both investors and individuals alike. Located on the Sunshine Coast, this picturesque town offers a unique blend of affordability and lifestyle amenities, attracting a growing number of people.

The town’s real estate market has witnessed consistent growth in recent years. The median house price in Powell River was $425,000 in 2021, but it escalated to $485,000 by 2023. A surge of 14.12% reflects the area’s burgeoning demand.

Many factors contribute to this growth. The first is the influx of remote workers. As remote working becomes the norm, Powell River appeals to those yearning for a balanced life. These newcomers, often from urban centers, bring a fresh demand, pushing property prices up.

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View of the Strait of Georgia

Powell River’s waterfront properties garner the most interest. The median price of waterfront homes stood at a staggering $980,000 in 2023, an increase of 11.36% since 2021. These homes offer an unparalleled view of the Strait of Georgia, enhancing their value significantly.

The town’s affordability stands out when compared to other BC regions. Vancouver, for example, boasts a median home price of $1.36 million in 2023. This stark contrast makes Powell River an attractive alternative for buyers seeking cost-effective options.

Meanwhile, the rental market also thrives. Around 29% of Powell River’s households are renters, providing ample opportunity for investment. With a vacancy rate of 1.3% in 2023, rental properties promise consistent income.

New developments further diversify the market. Condominiums, a rarity until recent years, are becoming more common. The average price of a condo stands at $375,000 in 2023. This growth indicates an increasing demand for varied housing options.

Micro House in Powell River

Micro House in Powell River

The commercial real estate sector is not left behind either. Powell River’s downtown area has seen several commercial property sales, reflecting a growing economy. These properties traded hands at an average price of $890,000 in 2023, a 17.1% increase from 2021.

As Powell River evolves, so does its real estate market. Each year, an estimated 200 new residents settle in this town. The rising demand, coupled with limited supply, results in consistent price increases. This trend seems set to continue, making Powell River an attractive prospect for investors and homeowners alike.

Powell River’s real estate charm extends beyond monetary gain. Its breathtaking scenery, outdoor recreation opportunities, and warm community contribute to its appeal. These intangible benefits make it more than just a smart financial investment.

Powell River’s real estate market exhibits strong growth potential, supported by diverse factors. It offers a variety of property types to suit different needs and budgets. The market conditions promise good returns for investors while granting residents a quality lifestyle. However, buyers and investors should still conduct thorough research to ensure the best outcomes in their real estate ventures.

You can see the real estate listing here.

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