Mount Fromme Trailhead

We discuss the Mount Fromme Trailhead and our recommendations for hiking the mountain below. If that’s what you are looking for, skip to that section.

But first we want to talk about the residential and commercial area about the mountain. We believe it has the most undervalued real estate in all of Vancouver. Hear us out.

One of the easiest ways to get up the mountain is via the Mount Fromme Trailhead or Saint Albans Park. The houses around this area is part of the Upper Lonsdale area. If you want to see what the houses are like that are for sale, checkout this link. As you will see, there are affordable options.

Now about the trails…

Secluded hiking trail

Mount Fromme is one of the most popular mountain biking areas in Vancouver. With no resort, most of the trials are available for biking.

Mount Fromme is a lesser-known hiking trail located east of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, Canada. It is a secluded trail that offers views of the backcountry mountains, but the city views are obscured by trees. Despite this, the hike is still very enjoyable as it follows the St. Georges and Peer Gynt trails, briefly passing along the Old Grouse Mountain Highway on its way to the top.

To begin the hike, start at the cul-de-sac at the top of St. Georges in North Vancouver and enter the forest on the trail. As you walk, you will soon come across a wooden bridge, and within minutes, you will arrive at a clearing underneath power lines. Make sure to take note of this spot, as it is not marked and you will need to return down this path later. After going right and walking for about 50 meters underneath the power lines, you will reach the next trail junction on your left. At this junction, take a left and follow the wide gravel trail uphill along the St. Georges Trail.

Go over the small wooden bridge

The trail continues to climb as it passes a radio antenna and goes over a small wooden bridge. It then becomes a much narrower trail as it winds through the forest. The trail becomes steeper as you quickly make your way to the first junction. At this junction, go left for a few meters, then right at the second junction as you continue along the St. Georges Trail, gaining elevation with each step.

As you continue to hike uphill, the trail crosses the Baden Powell Trail. The trail then becomes even steeper as you navigate over loose rocks and tree roots. Eventually, the trail exits onto the Old Grouse Mountain Highway, marking the end of the St. Georges Trail. From here, the hike continues on the Peer Gynt Trail, eventually leading to the top of Mount Fromme.

Mount Fromme Trailhead


Increadible views

On clear days, the hike to the top of Mount Fromme offers stunning views of the surrounding backcountry mountain ranges. There are also a few spots where you can catch glimpses of Vancouver between the trees, but most of the views looking south are blocked by the trees. If you want amazing views of Vancouver, you can drive to Newdale Ct in North Vancouver, BC. Picture below. Good spot for lunch?

Newdale Ct in North Vancouver, BC

Once you have reached the top of the mountain and enjoyed the views, it is time to return the way you came. As you hike back down the trail, make sure to go left at the junction just a couple hundred meters from the top.

Further down the trail, at the second intersection with an old road, make sure to walk back down the wide gravel road until you see the sign for the St. Georges Trail (it is located after the mountain biking trail called the Executioner trail). When you reach the power lines, go right, and then look for the trail to the left that will take you the short distance back to where you began.

Overall, the hike to the top of Mount Fromme is a secluded and scenic trail that offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. It is a moderate hike that is perfect for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy some peace and quiet in the great outdoors.

Checkout the video above, pretty insane.

Mount Fromme Trailhead

Mount Fromme is a fantastic hike that offers stunning views of Lynn Valley, and Mount Seymour. The trail starts at the top of the St. Georges trail, under the power lines that cross the road. The trail is steep at the beginning, then becomes easy-moderate, before switching back to being steep again at the very end.

People sometimes get confused as you as you go higher up the mountain, so it is recommended that hikers download offline maps to help them explore. Keep in mind that your phone will likely not have signal. You might lose your map or your current location.

It is well worth continuing on to the actual viewpoint at the end of the trail. From here, there are amazing views of all the mountains, including Mount Seymour.

Other Things To Do In The Mount Fromme Trailhead Area

Once you are done hiking or biking, you should check out some neat things in the Mount Fromme area. Below are some of my favorites:

-Walking over to Grouse Mountain without going down Mount Fromme

-Walking through Saint Albans Park

-Checking out Braemar Park Reservoir (part of Mount Fromme)

-Getting one of the famous sandwiches from Queensdale Market

-Eating Persian food at Yaas Grill Restaurant 2057

-Going to Mosquito Creek (terrible name, great place)

Let us know what your favorite things to do in the area are!

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