Living in Deep Cove North Vancouver

Deep Cove is a small, relaxed village in the eastern part of North Vancouver. It is close to the bridge to Burnaby. Deep Cove is highlighted in orange below.

district website

Photo: Taken from the North Vancouver district website

Deep Cove North Vancouver

To the East of Deep Cove is the “Burrard Inlet.” Because it’s a village, it is very relaxed, with clean air. You also get a beautiful view of “Mount Seymour.” There is no traffic to the north, east, or south. To the North are mountains, and to the east and south is water.

Deep Cove is best known for hiking, shopping in the village, and kayaking. It has a lot of different beaches. A lot of Hollywood film crews film there, because it is so beautiful.


You can see a photo of a house in Deep Cove above.

Some of my favourite things to do in Deep Cove

-Go for a walk to “Quarry Rock” – It’s about a 40-minute hike with a fantastic view at the end. Make sure you bring enough water if you go there in the summer. You can also hike in the winter.

-Panorama Park is a fun place to be in the summer, there are a lot of people doing BBQs. You will also see a lot of people kayaking and paddle boarding.

-If you want to bring lunch with you, you can go to the small mall “Parkgate Village” to get snacks and food before heading to the beach.

North Van beach

-You can drive up Mt Seymour Resort to go hiking, to the restaurant, or to go skiing in the winter. There is a road up the mountain. There is something to do on the mountain any month of the year.

-Check out the many restaurants in downtown Deep Cove that are very popular. There is a sushi place, coffee stores, steakhouse, doughnut store, and many sandwich stores.

-There is also the famous “Cates Park” where you can see many boats go by. It’s another popular beach and BBQ spot.

Deep Cove North Vancouver

Go visit and reach out to a real estate agent if you want to look at houses in Deep Cove, North Vancouver.

Here is a link for homes in Deep Cove.

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